Top Tips for Yoga Beginners | Part 2

Learn to listen to your body

Yoga may look comparatively more simple, but it's not. Start with a series of yoga classes targeting beginners, which introduces you to the basics in a systematic way. Not all studios offer intro courses for beginners, but you're lukcy as our APG.Studio offer variety of classes suitable for all levels. Our Fitness and Yoga Expert, Alicia, guides you through all different options, to help you find our own level.

Make sure you build a solid foundation of knowledge of alignment before you try your hand at more challenging classes, such as Sculpt Yoga or Fat Burn Yoga. To learn more about your body needs, sign up for our Series of Workshops, Master Your Pose, you will be learn more about correct aligment for your body.In any yoga class only your body is the real guide for you. Listening to your body and honoring its signals is key to a safe practice. If something doesn't feel right, ease out of the pose. If something feels like a strain, you're pushing too hard. If you hold breaths, you're forcing too much. If on any point your body feels like it needs a break, just stop, take a break or go in child's pose.

Always feel comfortable, whatever pose you're doing. The stretching needs to feel nice, not as a strong strain or pull. So, as your instructor says: "Listen to your body" she/he really means that. Instructor can guide you and demonstrate how to progress with any pose, but it's up to you how far you can go.


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